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    Introduction the Company

    KunFang Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2005 (The former base company was established in 2000). It is a professional EMS service provider integrating one-package integrated service of overall purchasing, supporting (sales agent for electronic parts and components like IC) of electronic parts and components, manufacturing electronic products like OEM and ODM.

    The company possesses over 4000 m2 production base and perfect electronic material supporting agent. It is complete with large electronic products manufacturing device like high-precise Sumsung CP45FV and CP45FV-NEO full-automatic multi-functional high-speed chip mounter, CP60 full-automatic high-speed chip mounter, overall-computer temperature-controlled lead-free reflow welding machine, lead-free atomizing double-crest welder, semi-automatic and full-automatic screen printers, AOI optic inspection device, BGA after-sales services. Moreover, it also has circuit board inserting and installation, pasting installation, welding and debugging, testing, ageing and assembling production lines, which can meet the large-scale production requirement of all types of electronic products.

    The industries providing overall units matching products service by the Company cover the following fields:

    Medical apparatus and instruments industry: X-ray machinery, Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) machine, anaesthesia apparatus, breathing machine, infusion pump, Chinese herb decocting machine, Chinese herb packaging device, etc..

    Rail Trasit Industry: Control systems and their terminal electronic equipment like Beijing Subway Line 6, Line 8, Line 14, Line Changping, Shenyang Subway, Chongqing Subway, 200KM and  300KM motor train unit.

    Auto Industry: GPS Car Navigators, vehicle heating controllers, vehicle ABRS (air bag restraint system), vehicle Bluetooth tire-pressure testing system, etc.

    Contact us

    Address of the Company's production base:

    No.44, Tianshan International Entrepreneuring Base, Eastern Yanjiao Economic Technology Development Zone

    Electronic material matching center:

    New Zhongfa Electronic Market B1910, No. 32, Zhongguancun Road, Haidian District, Beijing

    tel:010-58412852/53   010-62549460

    Welded products illustration


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