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  • Introduction of new products

    In order to guarantee the new products of customers can enter the mature mass-production phase smoothly and quickly and reduce the time cost of mass-production of new products arising from design defects and influence by uncontrolled product quality cost, while our company receives the related technology and new products or customers’ new products are researched and developed, technicians can make a comprehensive manufacturability assessment and electronic technology analysis of PCB technological documents with customer engineers according to the mature product producing process and electronic designing technology and experience. They will put for scientific ideas and suggestions on the possibly existent technological design defects, so as to guarantee the quality stability and reliability of products.


    Electric technological testing and maintenance
    Our company's Department of Technology possesses a number of highly-professional electronic technicians through long-term electronic technological accumulation. The produced finished circuit boards can be systemically measured in terms of electric performance by the researched measuring device, so as to guarantee the products delivered to customers are qualified ones.

    The following figures illustrate some testing device.

    X-ray machine CPU board testing device

    X-ray CPU mainboard testing device


    X-ray filament board testing device


    X-ray machine power supply testing device

    X-ray machine starting control board testing device

    X -ray driving board testing device


    X-ray digital image testing device


    X-ray digital interface board testing device

    Chinese herb decocting mainboard testing device

    GPS vehicle navigator testing device

    Track transit electronic map ageing testing

    Track transit electronic map overall-device testing

    Track transit electronic speaker testing device

    Track transit speaker withstand-voltage testing

    Brething machine control board testing device

    Breathing air-source pressure board testing device

    Breathing machine mainboard testing device

    Breathing machine mainboard testing device

    Breathing machine mainboard testing device

    Vehicle heating controller testing device

    Infusion pump mainboard testing device

    Medical projector testing device


    Chinese herb packing machine vertical board testing device

    Chinese herb packing machine mainboard testing device


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