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  • Equipment picture:
    BGA Rework Desk
    NT-8A-V2 lead-free reflow soldering
    SMT chip welding production workshop
    SR-4005 reflow soldering
    Circuit board AOI optic tester
    Solder paste mixer

    Full-automatic screen printer


    Sumsung CP45 high-speed multifunctional chip mounter

    Sumsung CP60 high-speed chip mounter

    SMT materials-drying oven
    SMT automatic board-feeding machine
    Semi-automatic screen printer
    SAC-3JS lead-free crest welder
    THT chip forming machine
    WS350LF lead-free crest welder
    THT plugs-in producing line
    THT components shaping machine
    THT components-leg cutting machine

    Semi-automatic Line Terminal Machine

    Product laser serial code-section controlling equipment

    Welding production line


    Full-automatic line-cutting machine

    Ultrasonic cleaners

    High-low temperature humid heat test chamber
    Full automatic pipe cutting machine
    High-speed wire machine

    The wiring harness testing machine

    Semi-automatic Line Terminal Machine

    Full automatic pipe cutting machine

    Automatic peeling machin

    Semi-automatic Line Terminal Machine

    Tensile tester



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