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  • With a view to guaranteeing the incoming material quality of electronic parts and components, IQC is complete with digital oscilloscope, capacitor withstand voltage tester, insulating withstand voltage tester, multi-functional automatically tester, transistor parameter measuring instrument and variant-type specific electronic entrance technology testing device researched by electronic engineers of Technology Department, with the purpose of adopting strict electric technological test for the nominal value, accuracy and the related technological parameters of electronic components purchased from qualified supplier channels. Unqualified materials shall not be allowed into the warehouse.

    The following figures illustrate some parts of IQC components entrance testers and detecting device of our company.

    IQC detection instrument

    Capacity-withstanding voltage tester

    Multifunctional automatic tester

    TransistorDC parameter tester

    Steady-voltage direct-current power supply

    Audio generator


    Electron oscillograph


    IQC detection device

    LG8610BH Digital tube testing device

    LM324 chip testing device

    TLP521 optical coupler testing device

    Transformer testing device


    LED Ageing testing device


    DC adjustable power module testing device

    MOC3061 optical coupler testing device

    T82C55 chip testing device


    Digital tube testing device


    Crystal oscillator testing device

    LM2676 chip testing device

    Relay testing device


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